New tires in Coventry

What tires to buy? New or used?

Definitely cheaper tires are used. sure, however, to select a trusted vendor, who can you trust! Because:

  • There is no way to determine whether they were properly operated
  • or have the correct pressure
  • whether they were properly stored out of season
  • Used tires can come from a car accident – and this may have internal damage – can not be seen with the naked eye

New tires are devoid of the above-mentioned risks.

You decide whether it’s worth paying a higher price for new tires and thus safer ride and not expose himself and passengers at risk “surprises” with the use of stimulants?

You can always come to Stofer Garage and ask a specialist and see for yourself the tires – before you decide to purchase :)

Stofer Garage – Polish mechanic in Coventry

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